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More than ten years ago we decided to create a postproduction enterprise that could stand out from the rest. Bearing this in mind, we soon realized that we had to be surrounded by like-minded people, people who shared our view and who could become part of this project. Our search for talent opened up great opportunities to engage with gifted creators from different corners of the world. From that moment on, we turned into a GLOBAL company, but most importantly, to a MULTICULTURAL enterprise.


Coming from Mexico, United States, London, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Bulgaria to name a few, the artists who are and have been part of FILTER FX are a team of people who contribute ideas, vision, and a diversity of techniques. Such distinct input is constantly integrated in order to create and invigorate the unique concept of our company. Today, our headquarters in Chicago and Mexico City synchronize their efforts to provide solutions to our clients' needs.

Each team shares the expert knowledge of their respective surrounding at the same time that is enriched by our conjoined operational platform which produces optimal results. The contribution and integration of our creators' backgrounds, together with constant technological updates has led us to expand our horizons, transcending our frontiers in every direction.

In FILTER FX, our philosophy has always consisted in proposing solutions which blend in: Heart, mind, creativity and business. We seek out to obtain the ultimate result in each project. For this reason we define ourselves as a company who welcomes to work with all sectors in the market, nationally and internationally. In FILTER FX we know each individual element is key in the final overall result.


In THE FILTER FX we do not just do the work ... we develop successful projects. THE FILTER FX wants you to stand out from the competition and help you shine like the star you are. We are proud of everything we do and we invite you to check it out. Check our projects so you have an idea of the type of work we like to do.

A crucial area of Filter, which demands time and dedication. Each and every day. We create places, characters and objects that would never been existed before. But thanks to our team they already there.

Final integration of the whole process. Where forms and textures combine, allowing ideas become a visual reality. At Filter we take care of each step of the process for every project. We ensure that the experience and the outcome are up and beyond the expectations. We ensure our clients enjoy working with us and admire our vision.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a legal or a graphical campaign, we know we have to go all the way to successfully tell a story. We aim to give personality to each graphical element, having as a result a bigger achievement as a whole.


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73 West Monroe Suite 516,
Chicago, IL. 60603

+1 (312) 927-1907‬

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